358 thoughts on “AP Mukhyamantri Yuva Nestam Toll Free Number – Customer care Helpline Contact Phone No & Email Address

  1. Vani

    Hi,sir nenu may lo biometric vesanu,Kani naku amount padaledhu, enduku toll free number ki call chesthe lift cheyadam ledu ..plz reply me

  2. Vani

    Sir,nenu may lo biometric vesanu Kani naku amount padaledhu ,enduku

  3. Lingamneni Bharathi Lakshmi

    Sir,I didn’t get yuvanestam money from April and May I do ekey and attendence 3april and 27may please tell the reason.

  4. Devi

    Toll free numbers are working 24/7 but they didn’t pick the call and didn’t give proper response this not correct way to workout. So many people are not getting the money.

    1. Vani

      Hi,may month biometric vesanu Kani Inka amount padaledhu enduku,,,plz reply me

  5. G vijay

    They are not giving good responce for peoples…

  6. Md rahila sultana

    I am rahila Sultana I can’t received yuvanestam money..i am graduated.I apply yuvanestam before 5 months back,iam not received any money.plz I request u to send a call me tune number in krishna district..I call 1100 but it is not a krishna district number they tell us it is a telangana number..

  7. Chekka naveengupta

    Hi nenu apply chesi two months iendhi antha perfect ga vundhi but naku enka amount padaleydhu so tell me reason chepandi already oka month ye vehicle lakapoina four wheeler vunnatu chupinchindhi tarwata rectify iendhi but naku e month kuda padaleydhu

  8. Laksmi

    There is a time to apply for mukhyamantri yuvanestam.i have all information but not registering for the scheme.your bio metric not validate.say me what want to do.

  9. G.SIVA


  10. keerthi.maradapu

    i didnt get mukyamantri yuvanestham money to my account because of i’m having old pf and esi but i’m already claimed..


    Hi sir my ne is suresh kumar my biometric last month 26th complete money is not cmg my account wts problem please say me sir

  12. Sripurapu Sai Sravanthi

    Hi sir,i have problem i got married then surname was changed in Aadhar.. in certificate name and Aadhar name was not same (surname).. registered was failure the toll free number not connected what will have to do

  13. Nagamani

    I didn’t get any reply for yuvanestham…….. I Am graduated but ., I Am not satisfy with Jamestown pls how I can

  14. Naidu

    Sir,I raised grievance for ration card for mukyamantri yuvanestham.I upload ration card please solve the grievance. I applied for mukyamantri yuvanestham in 28/01/2019

  15. Jareena khatoon

    I have applied.i submitted grevience of not having 4 wheeler…but system is not responding.i called to 1100 also but they were also not responding sir….

  16. k gowtham kishore

    i didnt get mukyamantri yuvanestham money to my account because of i’m having old pf and esi but i’m already claimed..


    IAM Rajasekhar.e month nenu rendu sarlu biometric pettanu.kani, date 9march ayindhi.intha varakku amount ra ledhu sir.endhukku reason tell me

  18. Laxmi

    Hai…….. Ap mukhyamantri yuva nestham scheme.
    Perasent month 1000/-amount. Not created my account. Plz information content numbers

  19. Venkatesh

    hi sir and madam nenu appley chaisi 3 months ayendi but naku tiliyadhu fringer print veaiyalli ani e month 5 th ki veaisanu ekyse but amount Inka raledu plc check and amount add me

  20. zzzz

    Sir na AADAR nember MUKYAMANTRI YUVANESTHAM ki connect ledu antunnaru.

  21. Kommoju vijayadurga

    Hi sir,
    Kommoju vijayadurga.Narsipatnam.visakha Dist.
    So nerudogabruthi apply November lo chesanu.net center lo opitin option click chesaru.toll free ki call chesthe e-sava ki vellamannaru.optin clickcheimante ,chesaru.kani okkasari kuda amount padaledu.1100 ki call chesthe more time optin options click chesaru,meeku amount radu annaru.sorry the mistake sir, please the my problem Sir

  22. D srinivasarao

    I mistaken option out button is pressing yes, so please modify and please release yuvanestham fund, I have no job…

  23. Bhaskar

    Hi. I am having problem with ekyc and I am from Andhra Pradesh

  24. Vijaya Marapureddy

    Hi sir, I have registered in yuva nestham scheme. I am not having any 4 wheeler even my family members also not having but the system is showing the 4 wheeler problem. Please tell how to resolve it sir.

  25. Krishna

    Toll number not working, email not going.
    Can someone help me on this issue.

  26. Kondru gopi

    I Have applied mukhyamantri-yuvanestam but it show my family having 4wheler vehicle ,
    Actually my family doesn’t have any 4wheler vehicle
    Please tell me the solution

  27. Prabhavathi

    Hi,my aadhar is links with bank.but when i trying to apply to yuvanestam it is giving aadhar seeding is missing with bank .please check it sir.as i have already checked with bank again.they told me that aadhar is linked with bank.

  28. Venkataseshamma

    Hello Sir
    This is venkataseshamma
    I applied for the yuvanestham in October month
    I received only one month after that my account has blocked so I linked another bank to NPCI link
    I visited more than times to bank they are saying
    Your account was linked,but amount is not credited to me,so I tried another way ,I opened I new bank account also again I linked with NPCI also
    Untill I am getting any amount from yuvanestham
    Every month i am spending 50rs for bio metric
    Untill I didn’t get one rupee also
    Please solve my problem
    This coming March I want to take money

  29. Kavitha

    That toll free number not working, trying from last one month.pls help us

  30. Suhiths

    Ekyc kosam meseva ki velithe not working in Ekyc thumb ani chepparu. What we can do sir. Toll free number not working. Ela aithe Ela. Asalu emi process sir I did. At least meseva lo system work chesela chudandi. This is ur responsibility. Feb month amount rates.

  31. Shaik nizamuddin

    Hi sir naa a/c no.ki aadhaar link active lo undi kaani apply chesthe a/c aadhaar ki link cheyaledu ani chupisthundi.

    1. DhanaLakshmi Damireddy

      sir Account number ki Aadhar Activelo undhi sir,kani link cheyaledhu ani chupistundhi sir .

  32. Nunsavathu lakshmi tirupatamma

    Hello sir i am degree student I applied for the yuvanestam but the otp is not come to my phone,but i am already linking my phone number with my aadhar so why the otp is not comes please I request all of us to solve the problem as soon as possible
    With regards

  33. Neelam Sunanda

    Respected sir/Madam, I am not getting any kind of Yuvanestam Unemployent money. But when i tried to register its giving the message that ia m enrolled. I have inquired from bank also. Except my Aadhar number rest of all the details were given wrong. Please support me in this.

  34. Divya

    Sir addar number ki bank account link chesanu but apply chestu unte error vastundi…. customer number ki call cheste not respond…ila aithe Ela sir..chala mandhiki money kuda ravadam ledu…waste ga pettaru emo e scheme

  35. Shivakumar

    Sir, Na grievance pending lo vundi no response. Degree hyd lo chesanu. What the solution?

  36. Rapolu venkatesh

    Hi sir,
    Dis is Rapolu venkatesh.
    I applied yuvanestam.credited 1rupee but not credited 999rupees .I applied 2 months back

  37. Krishna bhargavi

    Sir my payment was not credited this money….is there is any problem plz inform me….


    Dear sir,


    Now we are in 09.02.2019 still not getting the amount of Rs=1000.00 which is you providing the Unemployed gift.

    Kindly confirm the status.

  39. Jhansi

    Hi sir naa a/c no.ki aadhaar link active lo undi kaani apply chesthe a/c aadhaar ki link cheyaledu ani chupisthundi

    1. Divya

      Madem same problem nadhi kudaa …. customer care ki try cheste not working ani vastundi

  40. Arava venkata ramana

    Govt negleting ekyc fingerprints kosam nirudyogabruthi mee seva centers can change ekkadina veyadaniki permission evandi plz next election vasthunnai permission evandi plz

  41. Karunakar Rao

    Respected Sir,
    My name is K. Karunakar Rao. I have done biometric attendance. But, still I haven’t received your Yuva Nestam gift payment, eventhough today is 7th.
    So, plz kindly grant me my request.
    Thank you Sir.

  42. ramesh

    sir i am ramesh from west godavari .
    so february finger fints vesanu kani allowance not credit


    Hi sir mukymanthri yuvanestham payment please credit my account

  44. Kiran

    Hi, I have given ekyc for month of January , money did not credited to my account , can you please look into my issues , is there any issue with done ekyc by other outside meeseva center.
    Can you give me the list of ekyc centers in Hyderabad


  45. Umadevu

    Im eligible for yuvanestham… now im in chennai. Where Can i put finger print pls tell me

  46. T.asha

    Hi sir
    Iam asha
    E month nenu biometric vesanu kani 6th ayina padaledu andariki padindi chalavaraku so amt veyyandi

  47. Gayathri

    Hi sir
    I’m gayathri ,
    I’m applied for yuvanestam in Andhra
    But I’m living in Hyderabad,can I give thumb in Hyderabad Mee seva

  48. Raviteja

    SIR my name is Raviteja I have done my e kyc at the 4 February but money is not deposited in my account I don’t know what to do please help me sir

  49. phani

    Hi sir..please tell bio metric centers in Hyderabad for yuvanestham..
    i am living in Nizampet

  50. Susmitha M

    Didn’t get any amount this month though I have done my ekyc. Please respond.And also mention a contact number other than 1100.

  51. Lakshmi

    Sir my name is Lakshmi.nenu degree complete chesanu ..Pc kuda tisukunnanu.kani yuvenestam scheme lo nenu degree cheyaledu Ani chupisthundhi…. Education details. lo check cheste Anni correct ga vasthunnai …..Pls solve my problem…….

  52. Harish

    1100 y r u providing this number ..always not working they say THE NUMBER IS CONJECTED. Whats the meaning of this please give a working number other wise remove this waste customer number

  53. Harish

    Still I am not receiving my money and customer care number not responding …
    Please take any action

  54. T.asha

    Sir nenu 27 biometric vesanu kani inka amount padaledu anduku

  55. Mounika Manduri

    I am a B.tech graduate with no job.I tried to apply nirudyoga bruthi but it’s showing no ration card but I have an active ration card please check my status for nirudyoga bruthi

  56. Arava venkata ramana

    NIRUDYOGA BRUTHI KOSAM Biometric plz ekkadina thumb veyadaniki permission evvandi plz TDP GOVT KU GOOD NAME VASTHUNDHI


    Hi sir..please tell bio metric centers in Hyderabad for yuvanestham..
    i am living in Nizampet

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      check your given mail for contact number

  58. Nageswari

    Hyderabad lo biometric centres ekkada vunnayo cheptara.please provide contact number

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      check your given mail for contact number

  59. t satheesh kumar

    my account is liked with my banck account.but my account not registered in yuva nestam.please give me reply sir

  60. Roji

    Sir i will apply nirudyoga bruthi but i will 2 times click optout so i will not eligible allowance so please give option optin

  61. raju

    my name is raju i am a graduated but system is not graduted tel me reason

  62. Sreekanth

    Sir iam staying in hyd where i give my kyc for yuvanestham


    hii sir.. I’m rambabu.. december 25 th i have done my ekyc.. but i didn’t get any payment on January..

  64. Naresh

    Hi ,

    I have registered for yuvanestam in Dharmavaram-515671. Can I give finger print in Hyderabad ? If yes, where can I give?

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      yes. you can. Check you given mail for details

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      check your given mail for yuva nestam contact number

  65. Anitha

    Sir nenu already Aadhar link chesanu bank account ki but still eligibility ledu ani chupistundhi please help me sir

  66. Arava venkata ramana

    My name is venkata ramana iam living hyderabad Plz provide bio metric ekyc hyderabad centers coming to elections govt ku good name vasthundhi

  67. Ch venkat Krishna Reddy

    Sir I am in hyderabad please give biometric in hyderabad. Please tell me address sir

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      check your given email for contact details.

  68. Anil

    Hi sir, I have uploaded necessary documents for yuvanestham scheme. How to know our application status? And please provide the biometric centres in Hyderabad(I stay at ameerpet). Thank you sir

  69. Praveen

    Hi sir..please tell bio metric centers in Hyderabad for yuvanestham..


    Sir nenu aadhar address update chesanu but Nadi old address vasthundi yuva nestam lo nenu Ela new address update cheyali

  71. G.vamsikrishnareddy

    Sir please tell me where give biometric in Hydra bad please tell me address air

  72. Thulasi

    Sir i registered in yuvanestham but ihave no bank account november but in january ihave a bank account eith addhar link but i try to update my yuvanestham still it sows no bank account red mar

    Now what iam doing

  73. P.V.Harsha Sri

    Sir, I Have Linked My Aadhar Card to Bank Account…But at the time of registration it is showing that please link your aadhar to bank account.I have visited to bank 4 times n I linked my aadhar card to bank account.I have called to toll free number. They are not lifting my call.Can any one help me…

  74. Sasi rekha

    Hi sir,nenu bank account ki aadhar link chesanu but link avvaledani (x) mark vasthundi,nenu hyderabadlo vuntanu hyderabadlo vere account teesukoni aadhar link cheyavacha .pls cheppandi

  75. Jagadeesh

    Hi sir I’m jagadeeswar reddy.nenu yuvanestjam Ku apply chesanu.one month amount padindi.next 3months padaledu.nenu every month bio metric vesthunanu kani amount ravadam ledu.check chesi cheptara sir. 1100 Ku call chesthunti telangana state vallu lift chesthunaru next time try cheyandi antunaru.komcham check chestara sir

  76. Ravuri Kishor

    The respected authority,

    I ( RAVURI KISHOR ) had applied for yuvanestam unemployment scheme. My application was successfully submitted but I have not received amount form this scheme . Because by mistakes I had click on the OPT OUT option . I don’t find OUT IN option on my profile . Please enable OUT IN option on my profile. I kindly requested that please resolve my problem as soon as possible .

    Thanking you .



  78. Purna chandraiah

    Hello sir, my name is padamati purna Chandigarh…I eligibled to yuvanestam…but from 2 months I didn’t get any amount through yuvanestam …here am un employee and my living nd staying also going difficulty…Already 2 times I approached customer care centers but there are not responding properly..please kindly accept my application and send amount to my account as early as possible this is my humble request
    Thanking you

  79. nandhini

    sir nenu b.tech chesina naku una money problem valla inka IT JOB raka ,HYD lo nenu non technical lo DATA ENTRY JOB adi koda 7000 ok china company lo 1yr job chesina ma office vallu ESI&PF PROVIDE CHESARU , naku INKA IT KI PREPARE kavalani job region chesina that time lo CM GARU E yuvanestham petaru chala hope tho apply chesina successful ga registration ayendi money koda tisukuna 2 months ,but ma office valllu naku PF KI APPPLY chesaru (pf koda naku vachidi 7000 alati company lo job chesina ) ,November lo naku inka money rale YVANESTHAM NUCHI, sir YUVANESTHAM STATUS LO ESI&PF VACHINDI ,sir nenu job cheyatle ga chesindi koda small job ,CM garu echina money tho ayena kasta padi IT job techukovalani anukuna eppdu naku a root ldu sir ,sir nalati problem chala mandi face chesthunaru memu kaliga undatam andhuku parents ni adaga leka ado ok job lo oin avutamu vallu eche benfists maku avasarm lekapoyena memu maku vadu analemu kada sir, eppdu ado miru patina benifints tisukovataniki koda memu lemu list lo miru patina scheme lo nalati vaalu chala mandi sufferr avuthunaru kk I agree ur rules but oksari miru memu job chesthunama presente lada ani search cheyandi ma relleving letter adaga lasindi,sir miru mi loginpage lo malati vala kosam change cheyadi pls sir ma relleving letter ni compature imge lo ehe option evandi ,maku koda elati benfits evamani CM gariki ma problem cheapndi pls maku koda amina solution chepandi,thank you sir pls give me solution nenu ok middle class girl ni ……

  80. Arava venkata ramana


    1. Arava venkata ramana

      Sir changes biometric student having other states living sir plz changes bio metric and increasing amount 1000 to 2000 and govt ku good name vasthundhi

  81. K.vamsikrishna

    sir please tell me where I due biometric in Hyderabad are send address I will goto office pls pls tell me having problem sir

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Hi! check your given mail for information.

      1. K.vamsikrishna

        Hi sir I am in Hyderabad pls tell me where i want due ap yuva Nestam biometric place address or phone number pls pls having problems Sir

      2. Narayana

        Instead of saying ??Hi! check your given mail for information…. please post address where in Hyderabad doing biometric fingerprint…. The all people who are living in Hyderabad will know …??

        1. tollfreenumbers Post author

          See, till now our ap government not officially provided any bio-metric centers in Hyderabad. I have one person contact number, (who actually doing bio-metric in Hyderabad for his own money profit) and he actually doing favor to us. But, i’m not providing his number directly in website because, he is only available few days only in Hyderabad. I will email you his number to your email medikundanarayana@gmail.com.

          1. Arava venkata ramana


  82. PanchiKarl a naga vijaya sree

    Good morning sir really I felt happy about scheme of mukyamantriyuvanestham I received 1000 in November but in December I did not get amount sir please kindly see my account details please sir I’m unemployee I’m searching for job it is very usefull sir 1000 rupees is very important for unemployes thank you sir

  83. Srilakshmi

    Hi sir
    Last month I closed my bank account in which yuvanestam amount credited every month.I have another bank account with aadhar linkup.Is the amount automatically credit in that account or I have to update anyware?

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      your aadhar card must be link with the bank account. For more information please call to AP Mukhyamantri yuva nestam helpline contact number: 1100.

      1. Srilakshmi

        Hi sir
        Aadhar number link indi sir na bank account ki.chala sarlu call chesenu 1100 ki call connect avvatledu .Inkediena process vunte cheppandi sir plzzzzzz.

  84. Ganesh

    Could you please tell me where I can do eKYC in Hyderabad?

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      check the mail you provided in comment section box.

    2. Ganesh

      Unfortunately, the number provided by you in email is no more operational. That guy said they left from this place.
      Any other number?

      1. tollfreenumbers Post author

        I seen another guy also taking bio-metric in srnagar and ameerpet area surroundings, but i don’t have his number. If i found him then, i will provide that number too.

  85. Vani

    Hello,sir nenu yuvanestham ki eligible ayanu . 2 months biometric vesanu ..kani 2 months amount padaledhu…1100 call chesanu toll free number work cheyadam ledu. Pls email cheyalo chopandi..

  86. Viswabrahmanamanu Revathi

    Sir, I didn’t yet received money from u in my account I.e1000 rs.Whatz the prblm I don’t know but I tried to cal for the toll free no.still no one can lift the cal & I didnt get back any cals from them.I applied in sep but Oct in my account 1 re credited but 999 I didn’t received.After Oct I received in Nov & DEC itself.Again y I don’t know u did he same in this month.I’m an unemployee so its my request to charge on my comment.So plsss rply watz d issues in my dtls

  87. A nagarjuna

    Swami miku dandalu swami miku 5 months no yuvanestham pl sir help me naku money vasthe miku otto vestha

  88. ANusha

    Sir nenu octomber lo unemployement scheme ki apply chesa select ayyina enthavaraku Naku money credit avvaledhu plz solved my problem

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      check your mail, which is provided by you.

  89. Vani

    I am also living in Hyderabad for job searching can u please tell me the place where I provide my biometric in Hyderabad .

  90. Kishore

    Your given toll free nors 1100 is not working anymore from last 2 months .And mail not found .

    We are unemployed but not beggers .
    worst service from the government in AP history.

    Worst …worst worst worst… Scheme

  91. Bhavani

    Hello sir nenu yuvanestam ki apply chasanu ee month naku mny transfer ayinatu vundi but naku na account lo mny padaledu help line no ki call chasina kalavatladu so what’s the problem plz give me the rly

  92. Pavan

    Waste ap government released Yuvanestam program .. definitely fail next elections I call so many times MESSVA centre but no one take my issue..

  93. Annam Ramya sree

    Sir, I am eligible for the yuvanestham but it was showing an error that you are not a graduate . I tried to talk with them by using toll free 1100 but it was not working. And they are receiving cal without any responsibility.Can you please help me out from this.

  94. Vimala

    Sir till now I didn’t get my money and I had the issue I called to help line number also but I didn’t get it as son as possible provide me

  95. Saikumar

    Sir I didn’t get mony this month after my biometric was completed in Jan 2nd what’s pblm .Last few months i get the mony

  96. Partha swaroop

    Sir i didn’t get the amount this month even after my biometric authentication given in meeseva on 2nd january 2018. Regarding this i tried to call helpline number but after dailing it is showing that i need to verify the number and dail again. Later i tried to pin a mail but it is also not working. It is showing that email address is not found. So pls look into the issue sir and solve it as soon as possible.

  97. Sujata

    Changes like biometric should be done in native mandal only..should be notified to the candidates before itself..because of this i couldnt complete my kyc as i was in ellure right now..

    1. saagr

      waste of time its, we dont want to use this yuvanestam services.the main reason is AP government fools educated students they should not provide any jobs for unemployed people its very sad and so many people could not get money due to “biometric issues” and “bank issues”. so please do hardwork for getting job dont waste time for yuvanestam services.

  98. Santhosh

    Providing biometric fingerprint in particular mandal (in native district) is an very embarrassing situation.. providing biometric fingerprint is same anywhere…is it will change in particular mandal…then why this condition please provide facility to make biometric fingerprint in any state ?????

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      If you are in Hyderabad then, lucky you are!. In Hyderabad in some areas some people are doing yuva nestam KYC. So, you can give your bio-metric their. If you are in Hyderabad and looking for bio-metric then, give me a replay.

      1. Santhosh

        I belongs to Kurnool district,alur taluku but iam in Anantapur ,, for searching job ….if I go to my village 3/4 of amount will be required…for 1/4 amount I have to go…..for better use this amount please provide facility to provide biometric fingerprint in any state ????

      2. Shaik

        I need to update my kyc a.p ,but am living in hyd for job search

      3. Soujanya Lella

        I m also living in Hyderabad for job searching can you please tell me the place where I provide my biometric in Hyd

        1. P sivaram

          In Ashok Nagar they are taking biometric from 27th of every month

      4. hemanth

        sir i am in hyderabad. I do not coplete by ekyc. please give the contact information

        1. tollfreenumbers Post author

          check your given mail for information

      5. Praveen

        Please provide Hyderabad biometric address and number sir..

        1. tollfreenumbers Post author

          check your given mail for contact information.

      6. Vani

        Yes, nenu Hyderabad lo untunna.. byometric ee areas,ekada untundhi chopandi

      7. Vani

        Hi thank you for bio metric in Hyderabad..however this number is not reachable can you please help me with any other num or any other option.

  99. Nagendra kumar

    Sir.. I have been trying to put a thumb in meeseva… It captured my thumb….. But it shows always authorization failed….. Could u please check it and activate server soon.

  100. NAGESWARAPPA sanapati

    Sir Good morning Nenu mukhya Mantri yuvanestam ki apply chestunna kani avvataledu why sir naku cheppagalara plz plz help me sir

  101. K durga

    I received last month.but this month didn’t get the amount even after going through the biometric.why what is the problem.

  102. Pradeep

    I don’t have 4 wheeler , I had place complaint in mukyamantri yuvanesta portal, Rto officer close that complaint and said in my family no one have 4 wheeler but when I try to apply still I’m facing same problem , 1100 people always said they will escalate problem to yuvanesta team but they will not do that please help me.

  103. Triveni

    Sir, I am eligible for the yuvanestham but it was showing an error that you are not a graduate and your age is below 22. I tried to talk with them by using toll free but it was not working. Can you please help me out from this.

  104. M.sravani

    I received last month but this month I did not receive money. I tried to call on 1100 number but no one is receiving call what is the reason .

  105. Maram Sumalatha

    I applied for mukyamantri yuvanestham.I have done bio-metric ekyc but it shows not done.I called to 1100 they told me put the complaint in grievance box. I put the complaint in grievance box in October but the complaint was not closed. I called to 1100 but couldn’t connected.Please help me sir

  106. vamsi krishna Abburi

    while i am applying to mukyamanthri yuvanestam am getting an error that my registered halticket number was not found. please mail to my email how to solve this issue

    Thank you
    vamsi krishna

  107. balaji

    Naku last month lo 1000 credit ayindhi sir and e month inka avvaledhu em reason o thelsukovacha ? & bio metric every month veyala compulsaryga ? Madhi west godavari kani nenu ipudu hyderabad lo untunanu..ela cheyali?

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      For now you need to provide the bio-metric every month. Any where in your State

  108. Vijay

    Sir toll free number is not at all connecting sir. I have been trying so many times and emailed but till now I didn’t get any reply. Could you please help for this issue

  109. mahesh

    Sir im mahesh my yuvanestam money is not credit my account last three months what is the problem understand plz tell me sir.



  111. Vasanth Vikram

    Naku last month lo 1000 credit ayindhi sir and e month inka avvaledhu em reason o thelsukovacha ? & bio metric every month veyala compulsaryga ? Madhi Nellore kani nenu ipudu Bangalore lo untunanu..ela cheyali?

  112. Yamavarapu Rupa Mounika

    I have applied AP Mukhyamantri Yuva Nestam scheme in November 2018. I have checked transaction status in yuvanestam app..it says transaction is successful ,but money had not credited in my bank account. Kindly solve this issue

  113. Peddu Laiah

    Sir iam peddulaiah,iam elegible this scheme .but mistake clicking opt-out option, please help opt in …pls help me sir

  114. Suneetha.A

    I received last month but this month I didn’t receive money wt happen I’m not knowing.

  115. M.Sravanthi

    I am eligible for this scheme but….by mistake click on opt out…I want money sir. pls credit money sir…please how to solve this opt out….problem…customer care 1100 is not…pls provide some more numbers sir…

  116. Geetha

    Hai sir this is GEETHA last month am received 1000
    nirudhoyoga bruthi but this month am not getting money every month update biometric is compulsory and am living in hyd. biometric update is done in anywhere or not only in AP

  117. Srinu

    Hi sir i got money for november month, but this not credited to my account
    Already i completed thumb 4 days ago.still i did not get money..so looking forward to see.i hope u re doing well.thanks

  118. M.Suhasini

    Hai sir/madam
    This is sinasabi mari palle i am applying mukhyamamtri yuvanestham scheme last month status is ur eligible this scheme .But money is not credited please solve this problem

  119. Renati Ravindra Reddy

    Hi sir Mukhyamantri Yuva nestham ki apply chesanu kani money raledhu adhar account number ki link kalendhu so please providing the money sir.

  120. Kottha manideep

    Hi sir,
    This is Kottha manideep.Yuvanestham amount not credited in my account till now.please resolve this problem my biometric is completed


    This is D.SATYA KUMAR , i have applied ap Mukhyamantri Yuva Nestam scheme oct 2018. The money will be successfully credited in bank account, but not credited in my bank account. So , please solve this problem .

  122. Surepalli Mani

    Hiiiii sir,
    This is Mani Surepalli, I’m applying mukyamantri yuvanestam scheme last month. Status is ur eligible this scheme but money is not credited. Please solve this problem.

  123. T.asha

    Sir nenu finger print vesanu kani amount inka padaledu soo why late


    I applied on October month OK then November and December month money not credit
    My question is two months money will credit or one month I don’t understand the process but 1 rupee credited successfully

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      ap mukhyamantri nestam toll free number : 1100

    2. tollfreenumbers Post author

      ap mukhyamantri nestam toll free number : 1100

      1. Venkateswarlu karna

        I did not credit in ap mukyamantri yuvanestam fund so please release this fund every month to late

  125. Nunna Naveen Kumar

    Menu Yuva nestam bayo metric thumb vesanu kani naki amount pada ledhu Oct month okati naki amount padindhe e two months bayo metric thumb pettina kudha pada ledhu

  126. vedagatti Mahendra

    Hi I am Mahendra I am applied Mukhyamantri yuvanestam 3 months back and bio martic complete d yesterday amount was not account plz check it …thanku sir

  127. naveen.g

    im trying to make a call ,failed to this number 1100

  128. Raghuramireddy

    Sir I am raghu lost 2 month I get yuvanestham money.but this month ekyc problem.aadhar ekyc purpose go to meeseva center that time showing ekyc biometric unauthrenticate message is displayed.pls slove this problem.supporting.yuvanestham@ap.gov.in is not working

  129. Boligarla madhu

    Subject: Optout
    Please check my profile is on logout please login my profile it’s a net center fault
    I will apply this before two months

    Please respond my mail address.


    Hi sir…yuva nestam amount are successfully credited into the customer bank account but money is not credit into my account please solve this problem

  131. sreekanth s

    iam sreekanth i coaching in hyderabad ekyc problem any states mee seva centers avalible kada pls replye me sir

  132. sudarshan reddy

    kyc completion how much time it will take
    before twodays am applied

    could u tell me any one

    1. Kunche vasundhara

      Hi sir, my application registration is completed but iam get money. In my application payment section NA was displayed. Now What am do.

  133. sudarshan reddy

    am calling to 1100 it connects the telegana

    how to reach andhra call center (am calling)

  134. v v suchitra kusanmpudi

    I Am suchitra kusampudi i have completed my b.sc(computers). I have applied to APMUKHYAMANTRI YUVA NESTHAM in that my details are not showing details. so i had a complaint in grievance the toll free number also not working. So please slove my problem

  135. G. Lakshmana rao

    హాయ్ సర్ నా నేమ్ లక్ష్మణ్ నేనూ ఇప్పడు చెన్నయ్ లో కొచెంగ్ తీసుకుంటున్నాను ఇక్కడ బయో మెట్రిక్జ్ అవ్వడం లేదు నాకు ఏమౌంట్ మరే పడటం లేదు ఎమ్ చేయాలే

  136. ThrinathReddy

    Sir I have completed my verification by thumb impression for mukyamantri yuvanestham scheme but I didn’t receive money please resolve this issue as early as possible thank you

  137. K.ganapathi

    Hi sir…yuva nestam amount are successfully credited into the customer bank account but money is not credit into my account please solve this problem

  138. priya

    Sir…,how to edit education details.. And in education details we need to apply ssc,inter,graduation..is it?

  139. Ch.deepthi

    Respected sir,
    I am deepthi.ch, I studied b.s.c drug sciences in ,dr.b r ambedkar open university in Telangana. I also studied D-pharmacy, I applied AP mukhyamanthri yuva nedtam. I uploaded the degree certificate, system shows instillation success fully , I have no four wheeler but system shows four wheeler, please verify my request , and send the process, please help me. Kindly request to please solve the problem .
    Thank you sir ,.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Try to contact ap yuva nestam toll free number 1100.

      1. Eswarkumarkantheti

        am calling to 1100 it connects the telegana

        how to reach andhra call center (am calling)

  140. Vijay Kumar

    Hi Sir, I completed my graduation in 2011 and post graduation in 2016. shall i apply for yuvanestham by using post graduation passed in 2016 or Is there any problem like we should apply in this specific year. Please let me know if any restrictions in year of passing. Because i have already filled up the application using post graduation passed in 2016.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      provide your genuine information only.

  141. Shaik imam basha

    This is imam Basha , last month I got 1000 rupees from your policy, now I’m searching job in Hyderabad , but you are mentioning after thumb verification amount will be credited to our account, sir please understand everymonth I didn’t come to our state for thumb verification. Why because Iam looking job here .I don’t have sufficient money to stay in Hyderabad, then how I came for thumb verification to our state.Please kindly
    favour to us.

    Thanks and Regards

  142. Arava venkata ramana

    My name is arava venkata ramana grevience number applied in 2 MONTHS COMPLETED SIR PLZ SOLVE THE PROBLEM

  143. Songa chiranjeevi

    Sir I’m chiranjeevi… I studied bsc at kakatiya university in 2012… Im eligible for AP yuvanestam scheme… System shows that I’m not a graduate but im a graduate of outside of the state… I filed grievence on 26/09/18… Still my problem is not solved… Many times I made calls to 1100… They told that application is in process…. I have been waiting for money since 2 months.. it will help me for primary needs like application fee… Please solve my problem sir.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      you can provide your bio metric anywhere with in your own state only.

  144. Arava venkata ramana


  145. Syed shariff basha kadri

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Syed shariff basha kadri iam also applyed in APMUKHYA MANTRI YUVANESTHAM but first registration error in biometric but I will go to meseva centre and update my biometric also I will receive msg in my mobile but registration same error in biometric problem then I will call the toll-free number but not connected please salve the problem and please credited the amount sir please help me sir.


    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Mr.syed shariff i noticed your problem. Go to your near SBI branch and ask them for bio metric update form or tell them your exact problem. If you didn’t get any answer from SBI side please, contact AP Mukymantri Yuva Nestam 24X7 helpline toll free customer care contact phone number.

  146. G.Shobharani


    I had completed all the process regarding yuva nestam eligibility criteria. Whereas it is showing that AMOUNT CREDITED TO THE CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER, but I didn’t get the amount. Plz do the needful.
    Thank you

  147. Shireesha

    Hi this is shireesha.help line number is not working.the app not taking my bank details.my bank account is already connected with my Aadhar card.what can I do?

  148. vedagatti Mahendra

    Hi sir I am Mahendra I will applied mukhya matri yuvanestam 1month before now this time not proceed amount in bank what I do sir?

  149. Palluri Ravi Kishore

    Hi sir,
    I had completed all the process regarding yuva nestam eligibility criteria. Whereas it is showing that AMOUNT CREDITED TO THE CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER, but I didn’t get the amount. Plz do the needful.
    Thank you

  150. Gadwal Taheer basha

    Hello Team,

    My name is Gadwal Taheer Basha I had applied Yuva nestam unemployment scheme on September 21st. I had also received eligible status through sms. But I did not received any amount till now.
    When I call to customer service (1100) they are not responding us with good feedback.
    Even though i was not an employee I was also not getting the certificate and opt out option in my profile home page.
    Kindly requesting you to please take an action regarding this so that It would be solved as quickly.
    Thanks & Regards

  151. Amani.B

    Hi Sir!
    I’m Amani.B from Tirupathi ,I applied YUVANESTHAM-2018 in October & cleared all my particulars in that Scheme.In November also,i have given by Biometric.But i didn’t get any single rupee frm AP Govt.i have been waiting since 2 months for this allowance.Kindly help me.I tried to call Toll free no many times but it wont wrk.I belongs to a very lower family.Through this allowance i will learn some courses and hardly trying to get good job.

    Awaiting for Your Response

    Thank You to AP CM Team.


    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      AP yuva nestam toll free number may give you the exact replay. Try to call ap mukymantri yuva nestam toll free customer care number 1100. Try with other mobile/ network also.

  152. Deepti

    I didn’t get any msg after biometric is there any problem sir

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      NO. When you submit your bio-metric that month amount will be credited(If there are no any issues)

  153. Gowducheruvu sathish Kumar reddy

    నేను యువనేస్తాం కి అర్హుడను కానీ నాకు డబ్బులు రాలేదు నా యొక్క ఆధార్ నెంబర్

  154. gayathri

    I name gayathri last month I got 1000 rupees but this month I am not received. Y sir..please give replay me.i called andhra pradesh mukhyamantri yuva nestam toll free no: 1100.that no.is not working


    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      you need to submit your bio-metric. AP people can provide bio-metric any where in AP.

  155. Bhargav TJ

    I applied as ap yuvanastham as nirudroga bruthi in last month but still we not get money and we completed kyc in mee sava please solve this sir thank you

  156. lakshmi

    I am sai lakshmi ..I applied Ap yuvanastham in last month I am success for this scheme but money was not credit to my account plzzz solve sir

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      From This Month Staring People have to give there bio-metric every month to take money.

  157. venkat

    Hello Team,
    I am unable to apply for “Mukhyamantri Yuva Nestam” due to JNTU-Hyderabad University is not located in AndharaPradesh.
    I am from AndhraPradesh , I have completed for B.Tech in JNTU-Hyderabad university (TELANGANA).
    Could you please let us know for what is the next action/process our end.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Contact ap nirudyoga bruthi toll free number 1100 for your solution.

      1. Balachandra. M

        This number is not working, can you please tell me the other contact details

        1. tollfreenumbers Post author

          That was the only one official number given by AP government. That was ap mukhyamantri yuva nestam official toll free number 1100.

  158. swaruparani

    Hi this is Swaroopa . I am in Hyderabad is there any possibility of giving biometric in this location. Is there any aponline centers available why because I already went to meeseva in Hyderabad they are saying you need to go to your birth location only . Is there any possibilities just let me know.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      If you are from AP then, you can give bio-metric any where in AP state.

  159. Subrahmanyam

    Hi sir I’m Subrahmanyam from Chittoor distinct my aadhar number just I received one month mukhyamanthri yuvva nestam but this month not received amount bio matric also completed, please check it ….. Sir
    Thank you

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      you need to provide/submit your bio-metric details. Try andhra pradesh nirudyoga bruthi customer care number: 1100

  160. G.bhaskar reddy

    Dear sir,
    Please my account no axis bank added ayendhii naki ATM and bank book eami levuu sir andukuu

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Contact AP Nirudyoga Bruthi customer care toll free number 1100

  161. Valikanti Vinay Kumar Reddy

    I am Vinaykumar Reddy sir. I was applied mukhyamantri yuva nestam in October month and I am eligible for the scheme. I have completed post graduation also. But I don’t get money in my account. Please check am tell me sir. What’s the problem.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Newly applying people and as well as previously applied people, both are have to submit there bio-metric details any where in your state. If having any doubts use ap nirudyoga bruthi contact number 1100

  162. Dasari

    Respect authority ,
    Sir I had applied mukyamantri yuvanestham scheme to September but don’t credited money my account why

  163. s.saddam hussain

    I am s.saddam hussain …I was applied ap yuvanestam in last November month…I am eligible for this scheme..But I don’t get money pls solve this problem sir….

  164. Chandramouli

    When I am calling to this toll free number It is telling that number is not working. How can I call to this number

  165. K Srikanth Kumar

    Respected Authority,

    I have applied for Mukhyamantri Yuvanestham allowance on 26.09.18, it was showing that “Sysytem responded as not a Diploma”. in this case how can i upload my diploma certificate in the portal. iam struggling with this issue from long back. so, iam requesting you to reslove the issue.

    K Srikanth Kumar

    1. M Shantha Kumari

      R I have update the all required details as my Aadhar recently I got message from Aadhar center and I visited the UIDAI center in Hyderabad office the concern people also said Biometric is update as I required but in yuvanestham page it is showing in wrong mark kindly check Do the needful.

      Thanking you.

  166. Gurikeri Bheemappa

    I am completed my graduation other state but i am applied well in other state hall ticket number but its showing not found hall ticket that particular university please give me solution same

    1. Dasari Bhanu Prakash

      Respected Sir/Madam,

      I have opened two bank accounts 1. South Indian Bank 2. InudsInd bank but I am using only south Indian bank but I have received one month (Oct 2018) fund 1000/- to IndusInd bank . Now I want to close my induInd bank bank due to not operate properly since two years. I am using only south indian bank. Both are update my aadhar number link with south indian bank & IndusInd bank. If I close induInd bank account, can I get fund from next month to my south indian bank account.

      D Bhanu Prakash

      1. tollfreenumbers Post author

        please contact ap mukyamantri yuva nestam helpline toll free number

    2. Venkat

      Hi Bheem,

      Did you get any response from Mukhyamantri Yuvanestham Team?


  167. Dileep

    I am Dileep Kumar reddy …I was applied ap yuvanestam in last November month…I am eligible for this scheme..But I don’t get money pls solve this problem sir….

  168. N.mounika

    I had applied for yuvanestam .october 3rd money credited to my account bt till now money was not credited to my account this month.whats the problm im not able to understand…please solve it

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Bio-Metric is required from this month on-words. For more information contact to mukhyamantri yuva nestam contact number

  169. Karna venkateswarlu

    Sir I have also come application Id do not come balance but also complete green mark

  170. Surepalli Mani

    Hi sir,
    I’m applying mukyamantri yuvanestam status was your eligible. But money was credited in only 1 Rupee.

  171. venkata naidu

    dear sir,while calling to yuvanestam tollfree no 1100.telengana yuvanestam team is lifting to this number and they are telling that this no is belongs to telengana yuvanestam.Let us know what is tollfree no of AP Yuvanestam

  172. Vinod kumar Pulukuri

    I applied yuva nestam
    My bank account is blocked in some technical reason
    They any possible to change bank account

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      contact your bank and they will let you know the solution.

  173. Bhanu shree

    Sir I applied for mukyamantri yuvanestam and I got 1rupee on 1st October 2018.But till date I didn’t got remaining amount and also my account and aadhar linked with npci. But why I didn’t get my amount what was the reason.can u tell me by the phone

  174. T.asha

    I’m t.asha..iwas applied yuvanestam in last month October. Iam success for this scheme.but money not credit to my account.

  175. A. Srilekha

    Respected authority,
    I had applied for yuvanestam unemployment scheme. My application was successfully submitted. I had link up my aadhar with registered mobile number but I was not credited the money till now. I request you to please sought out my problem.

  176. S mahesh

    Hi Sir
    I am applying for mukhyamantri yuvanestam but money Was not credit in my account

  177. Sunitha veeraparaju

    Sir, I applied yuvanestam , and it says ur eligible mukyamntri yuvanestam in last month,but money not credited to my account.. please be reply


    Dear sir,

    I applied to mukyamanthri yuvanestam but amount is not credit into my account .Kindly check that one.

  179. M.Sravanthi

    I am sravanthi….I was applied ap yuvanestam in last November month…I am eligible for this scheme..But I don’t get money pls solve this problem sir….

  180. Sai

    Hi sir yuvanestam applied in yuvanestam app
    But am not receiving any amount .
    how to check any wrongs any modifications
    Pls give me suggestions

  181. Galimoori naga madhu sekhar

    I applied yuva nestam
    Nenu biometry kooda successfull ayyindhi but
    Account lo amount raaledhu sir please sovle it

  182. k.a soundarya

    Iam preparing for education purpose training exam in hyderabad . Recently i get a call that biometric is mandatory for yuvanestham money deposite in to account. is hyderabad mee seva is applicable for biometric

    1. Nazeer

      hai… i am too facing the same problem, did you found any solution? please reply me

  183. Sirisha

    Sir, I’m under graduation student all details r green in colour but coming to education qualification details it shows red mark mean while is there any edit option in education details?? Already I entered but small mistake in have to remove day.. Can u please let me know ur answer I couldn’t find dat option

  184. P.bhaskar

    Hi sir iam eligible for yuva nestam but not correct information in prajalaki katika survey, ie( degree, aadhar)iam also applied aargie last month 16. Please respond my problem

  185. D.Ashok kumar

    sir iam eligible to cm yuva nestam last month 1-10-2018.amount transfar to my acccount but chek no amount why ?sir

  186. sarath kumar

    i am from vizianagaram(diristit).i am preparing for Gate exam in Hyderabad. recently i get a call from yuvanstam that is Biometric is mandatory for yuvanestham money deposit in to account.please let me know where shall i did my biometric in hyderabad?. i am belongs to Andhrapradesh. is biometric possible in Hyderavbad

  187. shiva ram reddy

    i got the allowance of unemployment scheme from our govt. i received the call from regarding this scheme. for this month that is November they said bio-metric is mandatory for this. after completion of bio-metric they deposit the allowance of unemployment.. please help me how it will be done.?
    is it done in the Hyderabad meesava..?

  188. Anwar

    Sir i am in bangalore how to connect e kyc in bangalore

  189. Sathwik

    Sir,I completed MBA in 2017,but it was showing you are studying and taking scholarship from government so please rectify my problem

  190. kiran

    iam preparing for appsc group2 exam in hyderabad. recently i get a call that is biometric is mandatory for yuvanestham money deposit in to account.is hyderabad meeseva is applicabale for biometric ?

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      yes you can visit near bank (the bank which you attached with aadhaar card) and ask them a form to request update bio-metric and kindly ask them for the procedure (you may also visit near meeseva for information).

      1. ganesh

        I have Account in SAPTHAGIRI GRAMEEN Bank. I got Money for First Month. But I don’t Have Any Branches in Hyderabad for My bank. Mee Seva in Hyderabad is Acceptable or not. Please Give Proper way to get Money From Hyderabad. if I Want to go Every Month is not Possible

      2. chinthalapallinasolla gangabhargava reddy

        can i visit meeseva centres in hyderabad for biometric for yuvanestam scheme?
        or i have to give biometric in andhrapradesh meeseva centres mandatorily?
        please update me as soon as possible

  191. Bhargavi

    Sir.. I applied for the mukyamantri yuvanestham scheme in app. And I selected for this scheme. And I checked my account and mobile number also linked with the aadhar .. that app I saw payment transactions is successfully credited.. I checked my account.. But money not credited .. why?!

  192. Malipeddi Anuradha

    My Aadhar has been updated successfully, but when I am trying to apply for Yuvanestham it is showing that I am not eligible as Biometric eKYC in PSS is not updated. I recently visited the Meeseva office they told me that everything is updated. Customer care number is not working. Please solve my problem ASAP. Thank You.

  193. Soujanya lella

    Requested sir,
    I applied for yuvanestam ,but it is showing Aadhar seeded bank account (npci)…..I also checked
    in bank status showing that aadher linked to account
    Please solve my problem
    Thanking you

  194. Beniya janaki

    My account is connected to ncpi manner. But amount does not credited in my account

  195. CHADaLAVADa Nageswarao

    Adhar with npci has been done successfully but satus was not changed inactive adhar Anni vasthudhi

  196. Ch.anusha

    Hi sir,Iam apply the yuvanestham but I have a issue about bank account to npci linking is not done,am going to asking the bank about npci linking but they told we are not done the npci linking in bank like that told.again I will go and create new account then also same problem npci is not done.what can I do sir please help me.give me solution.customer care number also not connected.thakyo

  197. kishore kanchumati

    Adhar with npci has been done successfully but when i trying to appy to yuvanestham it does not accepted

  198. Bujji Gettiboina

    Amount not credited in my account.please solve the problem

  199. Sundeep Dhanekula

    I didn’t got the money but it showing transaction unsuccessful wats the problem please rectify and mesh me

  200. Rupa rani

    Hi sir,Iam apply the yuvanestham but I have a issue about bank account to npci linking is not done,am going to asking the bank about npci linking but they told we are not done the npci linking in bank like that told.again I will go and create new account then also same problem npci is not done.what can I do sir please help me.give me solution.customer care number also not connected.thakyou sir

  201. nagastaya

    Hai Sir,
    My name is ch naga satya.
    my degree registrauion number not taken in your server .please help sir

  202. Soumya.uppu

    Hello sir,
    I applied for yuvanestam ,but it is showing bank account seeded to npci…I also checked in bank status showing that aadhar is linked..but amt not credit…

  203. G.Reddykishore

    Iam eligible to this scheme but biometric ekyc in pss error coming , so I contact to mesava to solve but they said they don’t know this …pls help me how to solve

  204. S Naresh

    Yuvanestham contact number is not responding to yuvanestham applicants. please enable contact number to people of AP.


    Respected Sir,
    Sir Iam eligible for yuva nestam but the problem is Name not match to aadhar and college name. I edit name in aadhar, again it shows you are not a diploma r pg graduate. Please rectify my problem sir.
    Thanking you sir.

  206. yarranagu malyadri

    Sir, I am eligible for mukhyamantri yuvanedtam. But it web site shows adhar seeding npci.. But in my bank account shows npci activated… I don’t understand what to do now.

  207. A.Bharathi

    I have uploaded my B.Tech Certificate but the same is not visible in the yuva nestam portal and I am unable to modify the details. How can I upload the certificate again.

  208. Kapuganti Sai prudhvi

    Respected Sir,
    I am not taking any other scholarship so please check and update my details so please help me to get my information correctly I have applied several times for mukayamantri yuvanestham.

  209. Ramesh

    Aadhar seeding npci, getting D’s error and went to bank couple of times and even they were not sure about this what they have to do and aadhar was linked with my SBI account and ad per them they do not have any program on this and can you please tell me how we can accomplish this one and give me suggestions for getting it solved.


  210. Anusha bandaru

    Hi in app it is showing amount credited, amount is not credited in account


    Respected sir,


  212. Poornima

    Sir ,
    U credited the amount but I did not get amount in my account what’s the problem plz tell me once I want to check bank account details plz tell e how to check

  213. Ch. Sarbeswararao

    Hii sir this is sarvesh
    Nenu apply cheyyadaniki vellinappudu Bank ac ki aadhar link cheyyamannaru but adhi avvadam ledhu what is the process

  214. Kalisetti ramu

    నేను నిరుద్యోగ భృతి కి sep30 నా అప్లై చేశాను కానీ నాకు amount పడలేదు ప్లెజ్ నాకు తెలియజేయండి

  215. M Saidulu

    Dear team
    I am Venkaiah my qualification is Btech completed
    I am trying to apply for yuvanestam it is getting error at final stage few years back my uncle taken a loan with my name that is already cleared loan as closed .

    Kindly help me out for this quary .if u want I will ready to get the NOC .
    So kindly respond my quary and give me solution of this problem .

  216. A.shankar

    నేను నిరుద్యోగ భృతి కి sep30 నా అప్లై చేశాను కానీ నాకు amount పడలేదు ప్లెజ్ నాకు తెలియజేయండి

  217. Chinnam Swathi

    Sir i have yuva nestham certificate bt not credit 1000 in my account help me

  218. Battula Pradeep Kumar

    My vehicle registration problem is cleared and RTO gave me clearance certificate also but in the app it was still showing there was vehicle problem, and app is also not working properly. The call support is also not connecting at all.
    So please kindly take the proper action and solve my problem.

  219. Jollu ramanjineyulu

    Biometric kyc probulam because of not working in thumb

  220. baby durga kodi

    Sir iam passed B.A in 2009 but system show iam not graduate

  221. Mudili Bhanushree

    Sir I have joint account with my husband he was the 1st account holder. I added that account 1st time 1rupee deposited on 1st October. But remaining amount didn’t credited. That’s why again I opened another account today and aadhar npci also linked.when I expect remaining amount.

  222. reddy ashok kumar

    Respected sir…..
    My bank account npci completed……… Not credited 1000 amount

    Kindly solve this problem
    Ashok kumar

    1. Ramesh

      Hi Ashok,

      Can you please tell us the steps how you completed npci mapping and it’s helpful to us getting it solved.


  223. Chinnam Swathi

    Am complet my bank account to NPCI(adhaar link)
    Bt not credit 1000 sir
    Plzz slove my problem sir




  225. Ashok

    Respected sir…..
    My bank account npci completed……… Not credited 1000 amount

    Kindly solve this problem
    Ashok kumar

  226. Y sunil kumar

    Sir,Iam native of andhara pradesh chittor dist punganur I have bpl ration card and adhar Card but I completed graduation in Bangalore university I selected other states university but my certificate is not uploading please solve my problem sir.

  227. ramanala siva

    October 8, 2018
    Hai sir,
    In my account RS 1.00 credited but remains amount RS 999.00 is not credited.so kindly inform any issues on my account

    Reply ↓

  228. Kuruba Venkatesh

    Sir, I am eligible nirudhyoga bruthi and I got a bond also but amount not getting pls help me

  229. Sure Bala Joseph Reddy

    sir am applying yuvanestham seame am eligible bot not credit my mny in my bank account pls helpful

  230. Neliparthy Divya

    I applied for yuvanestam still money not credited in my account. I am calling to ur toll free number 1100 but it going to Telangana . My native Andhra Pradesh now I am staying in Telangana

  231. Sure Bala Joseph Reddy

    sir am applying yuvanestham seame i am eligible but not credit mny in my bank account pls helpful

  232. KMP kumar

    Sir, In the app it shows amount is credited to my account but no money is credited in my account.

  233. Sreenivasulu

    I am eligible for the nirudyoja bruthi and I got a bond paper also but money not getting

  234. gopi.k

    sir am applying yuvanestham seame am eligible bot not credit my mny in my bank account pls helpful

  235. p chiranjeevi

    Respected sir,
    I am registered for mukyamantri yuvanestam but not transfer for amount in my account pls any information to send me sir…..

  236. Bhargavi

    I am eligible for yuvanestham but my payment is not deposited in my bank account because of aadhar number not mapped to IIN I consult my bank to link my account or aadhar number to npci they said we didnt do it because we dont have this type of linking instructions the bank is sbi so were I have to do this linking process can you suggest me

  237. Havaldar Kiran kumar

    How to link aadhar number National Payment Corporation of India.

  238. Devar

    Hai sir,
    In my account RS 1.00 credited but remains amount RS 999.00 is not credited.so kindly inform any issues on my account

  239. surparaju Ajay

    I am graduate but in mukhymantri yuvanestam showing not a graduate I uploaded my graduation certificate in yuvanestam but in that no correction not happing but coming successful

  240. K. Anusha

    Respected sir,
    In my application payment status will be the amount will be credited in applicant bank account.
    But, till now I didn’t getting amount in my bank accounts.
    I have 3 bank accounts
    Please tell me the bank details in which account the amount will be credited

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Mam, we are sorry for your inconvenience. Applicant must call to Mukhyamantri Yuva Nestam contact number to clear your doubts. call 1100, due to too many requests the helpline number may not connect immediately try respectively.

  241. Billa rani

    I am selected for yuvanestam .but money not deposited.customer id not working.i am engineering electrical department. It shows few options but customer care said ur selecting wrong option.this is not fare. Your unreasonably avoid students.

  242. ranganath

    I applied for the scheme on September 29 I have received a sms as it shows the application has been successful ur eligible for yuva nestham like that,but i did not get money still..



    1. Anusha

      Already I call to 1100
      Till now I am getting any msg



  245. Gollapalli.Prabhavathi

    I can not money .what is the reson.application has been success my (dt) kadapa chennur mandal l reqest
    l take 05.10.2018 mukyamanthri uvanestham certificate also what is the reason tell me sir

  246. Anjaneyulu


    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Mukhyamantri Yuva Nestam Toll Free Customer Care Number Will Defiantly Work. Because of too much call some times it may not respond. keep trying.


    I have elgibled yuva nestam schermen
    But money is not diposit in my account
    It’s face any problem

  248. Vamseekrishna

    Sir I got the amount but you are sending the money I am closed my bank account plz send another bank account.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Contact mukhyamantri yuva nestham complaint number 1100


    Dear Team,
    I applied for mukhyamantri yuva nestham scheme . But not received the amount of Rs 1000. Please have a look on this issue and do needfull.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      For any quires please contact mukhyamantri yuva nestham 24X7 toll free helpline customer care number 1100.

  250. S. bheemayya

    I have successfully Rigester and getting id number and receive my Yuvanestam certificate 2October But amount not getting what is resaon and 1100 calling two days but not reached that number now what can I do plz tell me answer

  251. Surya

    I allready applied for this scheme I get sanctioned for October month.is there any possibility to change my bank account. Beascause I unable to take my money due to minimum balance in my account. So you please consider me to change my bank account. I hope u understand.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Till now we don’t have information about change of bank account. As we got information we forward the information to you. In case you want any immediate information please contact mukhyamantri yuva nestam customer care number 1100.

  252. aruna

    I’m select I got certificate but Ididn’t got money Why

  253. naresh reddy

    i cant get money .what is the reason.application has been success

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      If your application is successfully submitted before 3rd Oct with out any issues then, you will get the money other wise please contact mukhyamantri yuva nestam helpline number 1100. Thanks!

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Mukhyamantri Yuva Nestam Toll Free Number : 1100

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