Dharani Portal Customer Care Number || Dharani Toll Free Number

By | December 25, 2020

Dharani Portal Customer Care Number: Telangana officially launched the dharani portal for registration related facilities and more. People who are looking for dharani complaints number and dharani helpline number for quires please check below. People who are facing any technical issues related to dharani transaction problem please reach out to the official contact details provided below.

Dharani Portal Customer Care Number || Dharani Toll Free Number @dharani.telangana.gov.in

dharani portal customer care number hyderabad

Regarding Dharani Portal

The government of Telangana making all land related records at one place that combines Land administration and Registration services which serves as a single source of truth for all land parcels and discharge all land related functions. For more information please visit below official website. Here

Dharani Helpline Number Hyderabad

Before starting, I want to tell you all that is you must login into the dharani system to know the dharani customer care contact details and all. I’m providing you the dharani customer care number Hyderabad details easily. You can also know the same after logged into the system.

Dharani App Download

The Dharani Portal Customer Care Number

Telangana dharani toll free number is available for all the people who want to register land and other related information. If people are having any confusion related to using of this service, one can simply reach out to this dharani helpline support Hyderabad number to get clarify their doubts. Please checkout here the dharani customer care toll free number Hyderabad.

Telangana Dharani Complaints number> How To Reach

Please follow the below step to reach the official dharani website contact page or dharani support number Telangana…

  1. Search for Dharani Portal Customer Care Number Hyderabad
  2. Check for the official website dharani.telangana.gov.in
  3. Click on contact us link/page

Still having confusion?. Follow above provided link it will navigate you.

Dharani Customer Care Number

Below we are providing dharani toll free number a few details, that may helpful to you please let us know if those numbers are not working properly.


S.no Officer Name Contact No.
1 Sri Somesh Kumar, IAS 040-23200027
2 Sri. Rajat Kumar Saini, IAS 040-23200758
3 Smt. K. Hymavathi, IAS 040-23201341
Telangana Dharani Office Address Hyderabad / Email ID

People are can also use dharani customer care email to register their complaints or to know the general information. This service is available in all government land registration offices.

For more information about dharani customer care number Hyderabad please comment below, thank you.

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  1. Kranthi Reddy

    గౌరవనీయులైన ప్రభుత్వ ప్రధాన కార్యదర్శి గారికి నమస్కారము. నా పేరు నన్నురి జ్యోతి.
    మా తండ్రి గారైన మన్నెం రంగారెడ్డి గారు మరణించినందువలన వారి పేరు మీద గల వ్యవసాయ భూమిని నా పేరున మరియు మా సోదరిని పేరున్న మార్పిడి చేయుటకుగాను ధరణి పోర్టల్ నందు అప్లికేషన్ చేసుకున్నాము (Application Number 2100XXXXXXXXXXX).
    అట్టి అప్లికేషన్ నందు నా ఆధార్ నెంబర్ ను తప్పుగా ఎంట్రీ చేసినారు కావున ఆ అప్లికేషన్ ను రద్దు చేసి మేము నూతన అప్లికేషన్ చేసుకునుటకు వీలు ఉందా అని తెలుసుకోవలనుకుంటుంన్నాం.
    కలెక్టరేట్ భవన్ నందు దరఖాస్తు సమర్పించే ప్రయత్నం చేసినప్పటికీ వారు దానిని స్వీకరించలేదు.

  2. Surender

    I have purchased a land in 2019 but SRO registered document not validating when I was trying to apply for mutation daya chesi ma purchased document numbers dharani lo apply cheyandi memu mutation ki apply cheyali Leda Mee customer care details email NRI portal lo request pette la dharani update cheyandi pls

  3. K.Ratnama Chari

    respected sir,
    I have given gift and due to death of the Donor ,his mrs desired to cancel the gift by relinquishing her rights. When I contacted SRO informed that since the land is a agriculture land only MRO has to be cancelled. Since it is registered the EC showing the donee name. When consulted in the Tahasil office they informed that there is no provision in the web site. Please advice who has to cancel the donee name and whom I approach in this regard

  4. V R

    Dear Sir
    This message is about adding OCI card field in the NRI module (in registration – it is under “apply for PPB/mutation section”) of online form in Dharani portal.

    For those who hold OCI card (Overseas Citizen of India card), there is no option in Dharani to provide OCI card details. Currently, only passport is mandatory. If you make both passport and OCI card mandatory and give an option to choose either passport or OCI card details to provide and upload the same (either one), then it works well for both passport holders and OCI card holders.

    OCI card contains exactly same details of the person as passport. It is a booklet like passport issued by Indian High Commission.

    I printed a copy of “apply for PPB/mutation section” online form from NRI module of Dharani and then marked a few necessary changes on it. Also, I made a detailed letter which explains what areas are needed changes. I would like to send these two files as email attachment to the concerned official. Who should I send? Could you please guide on this and provide an email to send.

    Thank you
    V R

  5. Ashok kumar

    Slot not booking ,I submitted all documents to collectrate office,even thought not booking,I’m suffering a lot with this problem plz help me out


  6. Krishna mamidyala

    MIku chitta suddi unte dhaya chesi work chryamdi prajalu chala ibbandhi padutunaru andulo nenu okadini ma siddpet coloctor ni work cheyamandi plz

  7. Kunduru prathyusha

    Good mrng sir.my land was selling 2 years complted..darani site lo ma land non agricultural ga convert indi.m.ro office ki velte sub register office ki akkadi nundi district collectr daggaraki ela enni rojulu Tiragali sir mimu .my grand father age 82 years.land vere vallaku ammi vesam .ippudu agricultural land ni mimu registration cheyali .e darani ani pichi pichi sites petti mimu problms face chestunam .enni rojulu tiragali offices chuttu.miru .ippatiki 3 years avutundi option vastadi antunnaru option ravadam ledhu .maku emina miru help cheyagalaru sir tq u

    1. Sumanth

      same problem sister, vilu jithalu manchiga thiskuntar thapa prajala pani ithey patinchukor… em department emoo chi

  8. Venkat Gunda

    Dharani Website is not working from morning 8th July 2021.
    Above mentioned Somesh kumar and other IAS phone numbers are not working..what is use of above phone numbers mentioned in site..

  9. Sridhar polampally

    Our regustartion compketed 1 year ago june 2020. But till now we dint received passbook beacause of technival issue if dharani and showing unsigned

  10. Rama Krishna

    I have bought a land recently which is converted to non agriculture ,Which registered through sub register office not through dharani portal as it is now commercial land.

    But I still see that survey number in the old owner name in dharani portal. How to get this updated .can you please help me with the details.

  11. Mudavath sridhar

    Respected sir
    My self Sridhar in my PPB name wrongly printed , How to change name please help me

    1. Abode

      Sir, are u able to change name? Im having similar issue. Pls help me how to do it.

  12. Praveen arsam

    Hai sir this praveen I have registered land in Feburary month till now I did not recieved the passbook

  13. M.Hari kumar

    Dear sir, I am writing to you from Nizamabad district
    My father has made gift deed last year for Agriculture land on my name, now me and my father want to cancel the gift deed made by father on my name.
    We approached Registration office at Nizamabad, but they said they don’t have the writes to cancel Agriculture properties, Similarly we approached Thasaildhar office of Nizamabad, they also replied that they don’t have options in Dharani portal for cancellation of registration deed.
    Kindly help me out for the problem.

  14. kishore

    dear sir ,
    may name is kishore how to download LESS DEED in dharani portal i am not getting less deed and i got remaining all documents like E-challan , transaction summary , slat advisory , undertaking receipt and undertaking by transferee this all are documents i am downloaded but LESS DEED was pending please any alternative option.

  15. R Suresh

    Hi Namastey Sir My Name R Suresh we Applied For Nala Challan Paid But We Cancelled Because Some Reason Date29-04-2021 Refund ID RR2XXXXXX But Refund Amount Not Credit to My Bank Account please Solve The Problem as Soon as Possible .

  16. Taimur

    Hi sir,
    I want to sell my land while booking slot its showing alert as “Survey no is marked as assigned land”, but its not assigned land in remark its printed by mistake as assigned, What is the process to change to patta land. where and to whom i need to reach. please suggest here.

    Thank you verymuch.


    Dear sir,

    we have purchased land in Jaggamguda, MC pally mandal, shamirpet, we have new Passbooks of seller and registration completed, now we are trying to apply for mutation, but it is showing this survey number in prohibited properties list
    requesting you to remove survey number 423 from prohibited properties list because it is Patta land

    this error in Dharani Portal ( survey number XXX, Jaggam guda, muduchinthalapally, shamirpet)


  18. Mohammed Abdul Hakeem

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am requesting your kind intervention in our issue of Surveys no’s were missing in Dharani Portal and land records. My family members were being tested with patience and still hovering around MRO office in MOTAKUNDUR TALUKA/MOTAKUNDUR Village (Tahildar ) to get pass book , Now its almost 3 years gone and now he told me to get verifiied in MEESEVA where our Survery Nos were missing in records.. What should we do now ? How to get updated urgently. As Telangana CM is insisting to get PASS BOOK for 1 INCH OF LAND, his words were not taken seriously by MRO and not helping us .. Kindly suggest me the solution to get updated our records and get PASS BOOK for 5 survey nos.. Any body from dharani or from Telangana govt help us…


    I am K.swarnalatha W/O Kemidi.Naveen S/O kemidi Ramulu ,we are the residents of Mothkur mandal , Musipatla village , Yadadri Bhuvangir district , we have purchased land from the Kemidi Bugga Ramulu S/O Kemidi Bala Narsaiah , under the survey no 213^b on feb 13 2020 , registration process done on the same day and we have paid amount in dd format, but still now we have n’t received the passbook ,since from one and half year we are visting the MRO office and we are not even claiming the raithu bandhu amount and there is not any information from the MRO / VRO’s and they are telling there is an excess land showing in the RSR actually there should be 5acres 37gts but in RSR it is 6 acres they are telling us to complaint in collector office so kindly help us in issue as early as possible madam

    Thanks and Regards


      If you forward the deed details of the land and old passbook i will clarify you how to do and what to do in step by stem if you have any clarification mail me at ushaashu99@gmail.com

  20. Kiran pawar

    Sir pass book number messages vachindi kani
    Maku raythu bandu ravadam leddu enduku ante

    Me dagra digital sign char kaledu sir plz???



      again apply in meeseva for Dharani Grievence Redressal with an option Survey Number Missing option and enters reasons as Digital Sign not done @ contact me on ushaashu99@gmail.com ……if any doubt


      For Rythu Bandhu you have to apply at the AEO Office with the specimen copy you downloaded now in Dharani Portal

  21. Kasagoni Ramakrishna

    Hi my name is Kasagoni Ramakrishna s/o kasagoni balaiah Application number 2xx0xxxx80.

    I have applied for greivance relating to inclusion in prohibited property list and it is approved by TS Revenue dept on may 27tg and still showing as ceiling land in dharani portal please look into this

  22. azhar

    first peyment system not sufficient for coustamers e roju regisatin unte okkaroju mundu kani a roju pay correct who is response for money plz telme sir . money is not for chill for coman men it s great

  23. Rajashekar

    How to prepare Releece dacument how many dayce waiting period off releese deed.


    Application No: 2100XXXXXX6
    On 5th JUNE 2021, I have applied for Mutation in Dharani website,, amount of Rs.748.8/- also deducted from my account, but still portal is showing proceed for payment and unable to download the challan ,,,
    now what to do pl ?
    Plz help me
    Application No: 2100XXXXX6

  25. G.Hanmantha rao

    I have purchased agricultural land at Jedcharla mandal but the same land owner is taken AGPA from sub registrar jedcharla but in the Dharani website is not accepting the same . Therefore please give me option of AGPA for registration in Dharani we are waiting the same for very long time sir.
    Please give the option I. Dharani to enable us to register my land

  26. ఆలూరు లలిత

    గౌరవనీయులైన ప్రభుత్వ ప్రధాన కార్యదర్శి గారికి నమస్కారము. నా పేరు ఆలూరు లలిత భర్త రామచంద్రారెడ్డి గ్రామము గంగాపురము మండలము వలిగొండ యాదాద్రి భువనగిరి జిల్లా. నా భర్త పేరున గంగాపురము గ్రామ రెవిన్యూ శివారు లో ఎ గుంటల వ్యవసాయ భూమి పట్టా ఉండి నెంబరు గల పట్టాదారు పాసుపుస్తకము పొంది ఉండి తేది న చనిపోయినాడు.అతని నేను,ఒక కుమార్తె మరియు ముగ్గురు కొడుకులు వారసులము గలము.మేము పై భూమికి సంబంధించి భాగపంపిణీ గురించి చర్చించుకొని భాగముల విషయములోఅంగీకారమునకు అంగీకార సంతకములు చేసుకొనలేదు. అయినప్పటికీ మాకు వారసులకు ఎవ్వరికీ తెలువకుండ “ధరణి” లో ఫౌతి పట్టా మార్పు అమలుకై దరఖాస్తు చేసుకున్నట్లు “ధరణి” వారసత్వ పట్టా మార్పు కాలమ్ చూపించుచున్నది. ఇది చట్ట విరుద్ధ దరఖాస్తు. కావున ఆ దరఖాస్తును తిరస్కరించి తప్పుడు సమాచారము ఇచ్చిన వారిపై చట్టపరమైన చర్య తీసుకోవలసినదిగా మనవి.మరియు నాకు తెలువకుండ నా భర్త పేరున ఉన్న భూమిని ఎవ్వరికీ పట్టా మార్పు అమలు చేయకూడదని తగు ఆదేశాలు ఇచ్చి నాకు తగిన న్యాయము చేయగలరని మనవి.

  27. Bhanu Chander

    When we put a survey number to pouthi of agriculture land it changed to non agriculture land
    How can I get back to agriculture land .
    Can u please give me reply back .

  28. Saddam

    Iam trying to apply for NALA conversion but it is getting error since so many days it is getting error in dharani portal..kindly solve the issue

  29. SURESH


    1. Suresh

      Sir jagtial district. Raikal mandal. Alipur village. Survey no 548/2 4 guntas without passbook house site patta showing nala conversation opposition prablams sir please help me

  30. T Ramesh

    సర్ నా పేరు టి రమేష్ నేను మా నాన్న గారి పేరుమీద ఉన్న భూమిని గిఫ్ట్ కింద 17/03/2021 నాడు ధరణి సైట్ లో అప్లయ్ చేశాను. కానీ కొన్ని కారణాల వల్ల 18/03/2021 నాడు అట్టి అప్లికేషన్ ను కాన్సిలేషన్ చేయడం జరిగింది .అప్లికేషన్ Id No.2100259141 echalana No. . కానీ ఇట్టి అమౌంట్ ఇప్పటివరకు refund కాలేదు . దయచేసి అమౌంట్ refund చేయగరని కోరుచున్నాను

  31. A.pratap Reddy


    1)CHALLAN NO. –
    PPB CHARGES-1081
    2)CHALLAN NO. –
    PPB CHARGES – 3486



  32. ప్రతాప్

    శ్రీయుత గౌరవనీయులైన సోమేష్ కుమార్ సార్ మరియు ఏమనగా నాకు చాలా సమస్యలు ఉన్నాయి గౌరవనీయులైన సోమేష్ కుమార్ సార్ మరియు కెసిఆర్ గారికి విన్నవించుకున్న ది ఏమనగా నాది డిజిటల్ చైను పెండింగ్ ఉంది అని వస్తుంది మీ దగ్గరికి వస్తాను కలుస్తాను ఈ సమస్య ఎందుకు వచ్చిందో డిజిటల్ సిగ్నేచర్ గురించి కలెక్టర్ గారికి ఆదేశాలు జారీ చెప్పగలరు

  33. Bhagyamma

    Two times amount dedeuted from one application ID so please refund this amount
    application ID:

  34. Bhagyamma


  35. Bhagyamma

    Sir oke application number meeda Two challanes amount cut ayinadi send me refund amount please

  36. Rajasekhar Reddy

    Sir, I want to change my surname and father name in pattadar passbook with Dharani portal. I asked in mee seva they are telling that there is no option updated of changing of surname.plz look into it

  37. narsimha

    i applied for mutation, the mutation process is completed but Diggital signature pending but not available in dharani website

  38. సంజయ్

    సర్,నాకు ఒక్క సర్వే నెంబర్ లో 0.20 ఎకరా భూమి ఉంది.
    కానీ నా పాస్ బుక్ లో 0.07 ఎకరా భూమి మాత్రమే ఉంది.మిగితా భూమి సర్వే నెంబర్ లో ఉంది కాని అది రికార్డ్ లో ఉంది

    ధరణి ఆపరేటర్ ఆప్షన్ లేదు అంటున్నారు.
    దయచేసి ఆ సర్వ్ భూమి లో ఆ ఆప్షన్ ఇవ్వగలరు

  39. Vishwanath

    Sir nenu NALA ki apply chesanu.ee process Inka complete kaledhu, Kani ipudu NALA cancel cheyalankuntunnanu option chupinchatledhu ipudu ela sir

  40. Narasimha rao kolli

    Sir, we would be most grateful for providing
    suitable amendment to the portal for making
    notarised GPA to register sale deed.
    This is most important as many people, particularly NRI’s are unable to personally come to register documents.


    Hi Sir
    Edit option is given only for Meeseva in Dharani Portal
    please give this edit option to all peoples
    only little mee Seva centers are there in Telangana

  42. Santosh

    Hi sir, I am santosh s/o Narasimha reddy R/o chevella. We are trying to cancell a land document which we are trying to do it from last october but still its under process can I please know by what time can be done.

  43. D Baswaraj

    Dear IGRS,

    Name: D Baswaraj, Father Name: .
    Village: Mominappur,
    Mandal: Maddur,
    District: .

    Reg No & Date:,
    Reg Office Address: Narayanpet Dist

    In Dharani porta land details search it showing but in that option of digital signature showing like not Signed. We called to our concern mro he saying that we are not getting an option for that Digital Signature. so let know why and where the problem is.
    Sir, Please find the attachment and do the needful in this regard as soon as possible.

    Yours sincerely,

    D. Baswaraj.

  44. Suneel

    Hi.. I have applied for mutation and rejected at collector office is there any possibilities to get money back.. I have paid today also amount deducted from my bank account but application not successed. Can any one help me get money back..


  45. Chenna

    I have been trying to make mutation payment to Dharani website and it is not working since more than a week.

    It deducted money but failed to generate receipt. Many time it gives error.

    I have not seen any web service worse than this. This is causing very inconvenience to lot of users.

  46. Mupupu anuradha

    పట్టాదారు పాస్ బుక్ నెంబర్ కొరకు.
    Mudupu anuradha w/o mupupu agam reddy
    నాయొక్క Pass Book Number
    జిల్లా :vikarabad వికారాబాద్
    మండలం : Vikarabad
    ధరణి పహాణి చూపెడుతుంది కానీ ఇప్పటివరకు పాస్ బుక్ రాలేదు

  47. Yara Linga reddy

    సార్ మా నాన్నగారి పేరుమీద భూమి గిఫ్ట్ పద్ధతిలో నా పేరు మీదుగా రిజిస్టర్ చేయించడానికి పోయిన సంవత్సరం జూన్ నెలలో అప్లై చేశాను రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ ప్రాసెస్ అంతా అయిపోయింది అమౌంట్ కూడా పే చేశాను కానీ ఇప్పుడు మా భూమి వన్ బి పహాని చూపెట్టడం లేదు ఎమ్మార్వో ఆఫీస్ లో అడిగితే సైట్ పనిచేయటం లేదు అంటున్నారు దయచేసి నాకు సహాయం చేయండి సార్

  48. Yara Linga reddy

    సర్.. మా నాన్న గారి పేరు మీద ఉన్న భూమి నా పేరు మీద గిఫ్ట్ గా రిజిస్టర్ చేయడానికి అప్లై చేశాను. రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ ప్రాసెస్ అంతా అయిపోయింది అమౌంట్ కూడా పే చేశాను కానీ నీ భూమి మా నాన్నగారి పేరుమీద 1. బి పహాని చూపెట్టడం లేదు. మరియు u0 పేరు మీద కూడా 1.బి పహాని చూపెట్టడం లేదు. ఎమ్మార్వో ఆఫీస్ లో అడిగితే సైట్ పని చేయడం లేదు అని చెప్తున్నారు. దయచేసి ఇ నాకు సహాయం చేయండి సార్

  49. Naga Kattamudi

    Hello Sir,

    Nenu Passbook kosam Dharani NRI portal lo apply chesanu.
    But Nenu GREEN CARD holder ni Naku OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) naaku ledhu. Application form lo OCI must ani pettaru. Nenu OCI place lo USA Driving Licence upload chesanu enduku antey aa place lo emi upload cheyakapothey next page ki access cheyataledhu.
    REMAINING Documents ani upload chesanu .
    Passport , Green Card , Passport photo.

    My Question:- Nenu OCI place lo USA Driving Licence upload chesanu. Ala upload chesthey application emaina reject chesthara ani doubt undi.
    Please reply me.

  50. Mula Sharvani

    Sir ,I Mula .Sharvani i am unable to book slot for registration for my new land purchase coming error that your survey number is already sold to Document number.This document number belongs to me which I have purchased earlier in 2016.and the same document is converted from agri Land to NoN agriculture .The RDO given proceedings for this in TS-I Pass .But the same land is showing in Dharani as Agri .Land

    Simply I have converted my land to non-agriculture with RDO proceeding s in Ts-IPass in 2016, but that land is Showing as agriculture in Dharani Website. How can I update this in Dharani website.

  51. bhavani


      1. A SAI KUMAR

        memu dharani app lo citizen ga mutation apply chesam application rejected by collector antundi eppudu application amount ela refund avtundi..


    Respected Sir/Mam

    APPLICATION FOR SUCCESSION On 10 th February I have applied for SUCCESSION for loan in Dharani website,, 27415 amount also deducted from my account, but I am unable to download challan receipt,,,now what to do sir???

    Plz help me
    Application number..

    Ravi kumar

    Reply ↓


    SIR, i have applied for gift deed and paid the amount but amount got deducted from account still showing as pending payment. thinking as server problem i have paid again …
    please help sir
    application number : 210XXXXXX

  54. bhargavi

    sir i have applied for gift deed and completed the entire process of registration , paid the amount but amount has been deducted from the account .still showing as payment pending. i have paid twice the amount thinking as that might be the server problem amount has been deducted twice . please help me

    application number :210XXXXXXX

  55. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy

    I have got Judgement in Execution Petition in Court but the land was transacted many members during the Court proceeding. So, my problem is that their is no option in Dharani Portal regarding this issue. I’m Suffering a lot to proceed with the land process. So, kindly any one give the Suggestion to proceed with the process


    విషయం :పట్టాదారు పాస్ బుక్ నెంబర్ కొరకు.
    కందాడ మమతా w/o మల్లేశం
    నాయొక్క Pass Book Number తెలుపగలరు
    జిల్లా :vikarabad వికారాబాద్
    మండలం : Dharur ధారూరు
    Village: Ghattepalle
    Survery No:
    ఆధార్ నెంబర్ :
    ధరణి పహాణి చూపెడుతుంది కానీ ఇప్పటివరకు పాస్ బుక్ రాలేదు దయచేసి నెంబర్ తెలుపగలరు

  57. Sanjeev

    Amout deducted for slot booking but still showing as payment pending in portal. unable to book slot


    MY PROBLEM IS WITH mortgage options on DHARANI portal .. i am taking loan from BANK at the time of booking slot in DHARINI for mortgage …at the stage of 4 th (mortgagee)and 5 th stage (mortgagee family member details) which is related to banker ….. i asked bank manager AADHAR details for 4th stage but for 5th stage how can he give his family members details for entering such option …. the loan is giving banker what is the need of entering their family members details even thasildars also no knowledge how to deal with MORTGAGE registrations …. people are suffering very much …. Make a solution for this as soon as possible…

  59. Ramanjaneyulu Muthireddy

    Respected Sir/Mam

    On 05th February I have applied for mortgage for loan in Dharani website,, amount also deducted from my account, but I am unable to download challan receipt,,,now what to do sir???

    Plz help me
    Application number..

    Rama M.

  60. anil

    MY PROBLEM IS WITH mortgage options on DHARANI portal .. i am taking loan from BANK at the time of booking slot in DHARINI for mortgage …at the stage of 4 th (mortgagee)and 5 th stage (mortgagee family member details) which is related to banker ….. i asked bank manager AADHAR details for 4th stage but for 5th stage how can he give his family members details for entering such option …. the loan is giving banker what is the need of entering their family members details even thasildars also no knowledge how to deal with MORTGAGE registrations …. people are suffering very much …. please to make solution

  61. Bingi Swaroopa

    I Bingi swaroopa w/o Bingi Ravi kumar C/o Kama reddy. My husband applied mutation no ( 10 guntas) on October 2020 at village maddikunta, mdl;: Ramareddy but unfortunately he died on 14-12-2020 so mutation is pending and also I put complaint no :to kamareddy collector office . I request you sir mutation can change from bingi ravi kumar to bingi swaroopa so please check my details and clear this problem sir . I submit all documents in complaint no .

  62. Nagarjuna Nyalakonda

    There is some discrepancy in the details of land in the transaction, its been 7 days but no update yet, please let me know whom to consult.

  63. Jaksani Ramesh

    Sir. నేను ముటేషన్ గురించి అప్లయ్ citizen login లో అప్లయ్ చేసాను sir amount martam కట్ అయింది application No.. challan No.PMM2100053578.వచ్చింది కానీ మూటేషన్ date మాత్రం ఈవాలేదు status matram pending for Approval అని చూపిస్తుంది sir prablam salu చేయండి sir

    1. shekhar

      Sir dharani portal lo land problans application portal work cheyadam ledhu once again cheqie

  64. Swamy

    మా నానమ్మ చనిపోయింది 2005లో ఆమెది ఆధార్ రాలేదు పాసుబుక్ రాలేదు ఆమె భూమి మా నాన్న కి రావాలి అంటే ఎలా ధరణి లో చూపెడుతుంది భూమి

  65. Rakesh

    We purchased agriculture land 2 months back. We want to sale it now. But mro is asking passbook. New passbook to us not yet came. When it will be issued.

  66. ibrahim

    In EC name is not coming due to LOAN release was stopped .Please update …

  67. T Mallesh

    Sir my father loss new ‘pattadar passbook’ how to get the new passbook any option plz help me sir please

  68. Gangadhara Reddy

    Good evening sir,,

    On 17th January I have applied for pending mutation in Dharani website,, amount also deducted from my account,,but I am unable to download challan receipt,,,now what to do sir???

    Plz help me
    Application number..210000XXXX
    Applicants name… XXXXXXX XXXXesha

    Plz help me in this regard

    My phone number.. 950XXXXXX

    1. Srinivas

      Bro amount return vachaya. Me also facing same problem. Please tell me bro

  69. Pavan Gurram

    6 or 7 months back ayina registrations mutations pending lo unnay , slot book cheste seller kuda kavali antundi , 7 months tarvatha seller ni rammante kastam kada ? do we need seller presence during mutation ??

  70. Tharun

    I’m unable to see my survey number in the dharani portal.
    Could you please help me with particular team help line number or contact details.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Hello Tharun, please verify your details are up[dated in online or not.

      1. Ganji


        I purchased an agriculture land in Naskal village, Parigi mandal, Vikarabad district in 2018.
        From the old Dharani in 2020-21, I am able to download the office copy of my passbook with 6 digit khata number. New survey numbers are given in that(mutated).

        Post New Dharani portal, These new survey numbers are missing. And I could not find my khata number also. Parigi MRO office people are not communicating and they said, the records are not there in their books and Collector has to unlock them.

        I don’t understand this. I still see the My new survey numbers in pending things.
        Can you please guide me to get my passbook. The local land mafia is taking advantage of these things.

        Kindly help.


  71. Sangu madhu

    Sir we have problem with consenting details .my slot already booked we are going to Nangnoor mandal office the photo captured is not accept conseting party details .pls give edit option to mandal office or me pls complete my process as soon as possible we booked slot on10 th jan .pls clarify our challan is valid r not and my process is working or not we are lot times call to toll free numbers they are replied to softwear drivers install at Nangnoor mandala office pls give my clarification and as soon as possible slope my problem my challan amount is 8700 pls

  72. Govardhan

    Sir agricultural land DS pending and pending mutations clear cheyyadaniki Option Inka ivvaledhu antunnaru. Chala rojula nundi pending lo unnayi sir. Mutation pending lo undatam valla last 2 times raithu bandhu amount registration ayyaka kuda konna vallaku ravatledhu ammina vallake amount vasthundhi. Pending mutations appudu avvutayo kuda teliyadhu antunnaru . How can I solve this sir ?

  73. సంపత్

    శ్రీయుత ధరణి టెక్నికల్ టీమ్ వారికి నాయొక్క సమస్య మరియు విన్నపం

    మా తాత గారికి 4గురు సంతానం కలదు. చనిపోయి దాదాపు 15 సం|| దాటిపోయింది. మా తాత గారి భూమి విరాసత్ కాలేదు.
    విస్తీర్ణం 55 గుంటలు

    2011 సం|| లో మా తాత గారి భూమిని 4 గురు సంతానం నుండి 3 గురు
    కలిసి వేరే వారికి sab-rigistar వద్ద పట్ట చేసినారు. దానిని మా vro జమబంది అమలు చేసినాడు.
    ఆ టైమ్ లో ఆఫీస్ ల చుట్టూ తిరిగినా కానీ మాకు న్యాయం జరుగలేదు
    2013 లో కోర్ట్ లో కేసు వేసినాము మాకు ప్రిలిమినరీ డిక్రీ వచ్చింది అయినా మా పేరు పహాని లో మార్పు చెయ్యలేదు.
    కానీ మా అపోజిషన్ వాళ్లకు కొత్త passbook లు ఇచ్చినారు. ఇప్పుడు వాళ్ళు కోర్ట్ లో కేసు ఉన్న వేరే వారికి అమ్ముకుంటున్నారు.
    భూమి లో ఖనిలు కూడా వేసినారు. స్టేషన్ కి వెళితే SI RESPONCE
    లేదు.ఇప్పుడు వాళ్ళు ధరణి లో వెరేవాళ్లకి అమ్మితే మా పరిస్థితి ఎంటి
    మళ్ళీ కేసులు కేసులు మమ్మల్ని అర్ధం చేసుకుంటారు అని విన్నవిస్తున్నను.

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      మీ తాతపై భూమి రిజిస్టర్ చేయబడితే, అతని కుమారులు లేదా మనవళ్ళు భూమిని పొందే హక్కు కలిగి ఉంటారు. మీ తాత పేరు మీద భూమి నమోదు కాకపోతే, మీరు రిజిస్టర్ కార్యాలయాన్ని సంప్రదించాలి. ఎవరూ స్పందించకపోతే దయచేసి 14400 వంటి ప్రభుత్వ హెల్ప్‌లైన్ నంబర్ల నుండి సహాయం తీసుకోండి లేదా హైగర్ అధికారులను సంప్రదించండి. ధన్యవాదాలు

  74. Sreedhar

    There is some discrepancy in the details of land in the transaction..how it is solve sir..

    1. tollfreenumbers Post author

      Please reach out to the nearest office and kindly explain your problem to the higher offers. Thank you.

      1. Lakshman

        We explained the problem… even though they are saying they don’t have permissions to resolve the issue… please let us know who is the responsible person to solve this type of issues…


      2. Athena mahesh

        Sir I have applied for succession in dharani portal but it is showing collector Rejected.
        Why it is rejected what is the reason for rejection.
        Please tell the next process for succession approval.
        My succession application number is 2100XXXXXX
        Is applied on 24/06/2021. I have paid
        Please kindly help

        Athena Mahesh.

  75. Rakesh b

    Sir house numbers register kavatledhu 2months outhundhi solution cheppandi urgent sir

  76. vodnala rajesham

    We are unable to get customer care number

  77. vodnala rajesham

    We are unable to get customer care number of Dharani

  78. Kiran

    We are unable to get customer care number of Dharani.

        1. Ravi kumar

          On 10th February I have applied for fouthi sussicatuon for in Dharani website,, amount also 27450 deducted from my account, but I am unable to download challan receipt,,,now what to do sir???

          Plz help me
          Application number..


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